Working with EndNote

EndNote is a popular piece of software that is used by many members of the Vanderbilt Community.  First and foremost, the most efficient way to find the full-text of an article is through starting at, but if you want to try the following options, it may save you a little bit of time, but the first thing you need to do is to make a couple of changes to your Preferences. When you are in the EndNote client, go to Edit -> Preferences:

In the OpenURL path, enter the following:

And in the Authenticate with URL, enter the following:

You can also select the “Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references”.

Then click “Apply” and OK. There are two ways from within EndNote to potentially find full text. The first utilizes the “Find Full Text” feature within EndNote.

This option will try to locate full text of the articles selected. You will be prompted to Authenticate with your VUNet ID/epassword and if it is successful, there will be paperclip next to the Author.

NOTE: Based on our experience, this is rarely reliable. If you are not successful, try option #2:

Here, we will utilize the OpenURL option. There are a couple of ways to get to it. First, make sure the article you want to find is selected, then go to References -> URL -> OpenURL Link:

The 2nd method is to right-click on the article

This will take you directly to the Vanderbilt Library’s catalog where you can then access the full text if it is available.

This is just a couple of ways that you can utilize EndNote. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

LTDS February 22th – February 28th 2020

LTDS spend much of the week upgrading systems around the institutional repository as well as working to resolve issues around a data feed on Thursday.

  • Alma/Primo
    • Alma, informs, Letter customization
    • login issue on Thursday
    • Work on the statistics dashboard
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Located last remaining few machines without the SCCM configured
    • Worked with Dell to determine issues with a couple of bad devices
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Adding public web header/footer to ArchivesSpace
    • Added additional exhibit website
    • Upgraded DSpace
    • ArchivesSpace UI work
  • Web/Web applications
    • Updating ILLiad links to utilize SSO on the public web.
    • Made large-scale corrections to address security vulnerabilities within the Lectionary site discovered through monitoring
    • Migrated and upgrade gallery.l.v.e  to new server
  • Other
    • Attending serverless conference
    • Preparation work for upcoming conferences
    • Committee (local and national) work


LTDS February 9th – February 22nd 2020

During these two weeks,  LTDS made progress towards several long term projects including going live with the new ILLiad pages, upgrading the development environment for OJS and adding changes to the ArchivesSpace interface.  Additional changes include:


  • Alma/Primo
    • Work on Grima to resolve enumeration issue
    • Alma letter changes and adding version control
    • ILLiad url changes
  • Desktop/Application support
    • identifying last remaining windows 7 machine in the library
    • Deploying new workstations
    • Tracking down laptops/ revising workflows
    • Reviewing process for VDI issues
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • libguide styles
    • New exhibit wordpress site
    • Final changes to the new IR site and preparing to move to production
  • Web/Web applications
    • Library News Online enhancements
      • Increased security on the technology in the libraries site.
      • Various changes to public web change log
      • Work to migrate lectionary authentication away from old framework — part of larger framework migration.
  • Other
    • reviewing public key identification
    • increasing documentation
    • Committee work



How to access Shared Exchange Mailbox via the web

Occasionally, there are problems with the Outlook client but you really need to access a shared exchange mailbox. One way to do this is via the web:{emailbox}

So, if you are trying to access the Central Circulation email box, your URL would look like this:

It will then prompt you to log in, which you will use your own Vanderbilt email address and epassword and if you are authenticated & authorized, you will see the mailbox.

LTDS February 2nd – February 8th 2020

LTDS made significant progress towards several planned system upgrades including VUIR, OJS, and ILLiad among other projects this week.


  • Alma/Primo
    • NERS requests submissions for Alma
    • Work on enumeration issues
    • Annex item transfer batch procedure
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Started replacing final windows 7 machines
    • Several issues with telephones
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • VURJ template discussion and training
    • OJS upgrade development site
    • ArchivesSpace UI work
    • VUIR development work
  • Web/Web applications
    • ILLiad front-end changes –preparing for upgrade
    • Drafted a report on the current state of accessibility on the library public website
    • continue to resolve issues related to typography refresh
  • Other
    • Conference work with eBUG/ELUNA/TLA/LITA/LLAMA
    • Sharepoint



LTDS January 26th – February 1st 2020

LTDS continued to work through various items including the items below.  One project we are reviewing is how LTDS communicates about our current projects, training sessions, planned upgrades, and how we can better get information back about issues and future plans.  If you have suggestions,  please contact Dale or another member of the team.


  • Alma/Primo
    • Updated/refined fulfillment “Term of Use” policies.  (14 days loan, 28 days loan)
    • Alma data cleanup (Item Note fields)
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Closing in on the end of the Windwos 7 project
    • SCCM installations for systems that failed to check in.
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Work on new VUIR interface/upgrade
    • troubleshooting submissions to ProQuest
    • Work on additional enhancement requests for the ArchivesSpace interface
  • Web/Web applications
    • ILLiad page redesign
    • Resolving post-typography refresh issues
  • Other
    • Continued work on SharePoint cleanup
    • Committee work
    • Working through potential issues with the new Chrome version



LTDS January 19th – 25th 2020

LTDS continued to work on long term projects during the week.  The team also spent a large amount of time on informs this week.

  • Alma/Primo
    • Cleaning up Item Internal Notes via API
    • Enumeration cleanup work
    • Continue refine several fulfillment procedures (course reserve, annex transfer
  • Desktop/Application support
    • TVN troubleshoot computer and inventory equipment
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • ArchivesSpace UI changes
    • Worked on dev-ir vu2020 template
    • Continued to resolved issues with Vireo as it is rolled out
  • Web/Web applications
    • Launched the public web typography refresh
    • Developed new portable headers/footers
    • Implementing public web theme on new ILLiad sites
  • Other
    • Server security audits
    • Conference/committee work




LTDS January 12th – 18th 2020

LTDS spent significant time during the week of January 12th preparing for the ILLiad upgrade and revising websites — both public and staff focused.   LTDS continued to work on various log term projects with the anticipation of new projects moving forward soon.  Various other activities include:

  • Alma/Primo
    • course reserve work order process refinement and discussion
    • user issues in Alma -as well as the proxy server
    • worked on enumeration issue and methods to automate the corrections
  • Desktop/Application support
    • applying patched to library servers
    • Deploying new equipment for new staff
    • Revising deployment strategy for SCCM client
    • Resolved issue with EBL training room computers
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Reviewing issues with deposits from Vireo to VUIR.
    • Discussing process of adding materials to Fedora that will also need to be streamed
  • Web/Web applications
    • Preparing for typography refresh
    • Troubleshooting several permissions issues in SharePoint
    • Added several exhibit wordpress sites
  • Other
    • Committee work for local, state, national, and international groups
    • Analytics lab
    • Regular LTDS office hours






Public Web Typography Refresh

In September 2019, Digital Strategies implemented a typography refresh for all Vanderbilt websites, introducing improvements such as larger, simpler fonts and increased content area width in order to stay current with modern web trends.

On Tuesday, January 21 LTDS will apply these changes to the Libraries’ public website. In addition to the changes provided by this refresh, we’ve taken the opportunity to refine certain page elements, such as the right sidebar you see on the Heard and division homepages. Here are a couple of preview shots:

Screenshot of Heard Libraries homepage

Screenshot of Central Library homepage

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

LTDS January 5th – 11th 2020

Happy New Year!

The LTDS team were all back this week and eager to resume working on current projects as well as looking forward to new opportunities in 2020.   It was also great to have our students return from winter break!

LTDS worked on several projects and issues during the week including:

  • Alma/Primo
    • Created course reserve work order
    • Revising metadata normalization rules
    • Pulling vendor data from Alma
    • Working on enumeration cleanup project
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Ordered new equipment
    • Setup computers and videos for Fine Arts Gallery
    • Moved forward with the deepfreeze project (this will update the clients on all of the computers and provide a better management tool).
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Preparing for upgrade to VUIR
    • Added PBcore to the schema’s available for Fedora ingest
  • Web/Web applications
    • Updated VUIR footer for the new version
    • Launched new DiSC website in collaboration with ACE
    • Worked on new setup for all exhibit pages on the public web
  • Other
    • TLA conference work
    • ELUNA conference planning work
    • VR research