Using Microsoft Planner to organize your projects

A few years ago, many of us in the library discovered Trello and began using it to help our projects stay on track and organized. It’s been a wonderful tool, but unfortunately for us, they recently went to a new pricing setup that prevents the library from using it going forward.

Fortunately, this happened just as the library was starting to move toward using the Office 365 suite of applications provided by the university. One of the applications in the suite is Microsoft Planner, a project planning tool that is very similar to Trello. LTDS is encouraging library staff to make the transition to Planner as you have new projects to track. Several library groups have already started using Planner, including LTDS (unit), ACE (unit), and the Revised Common Lectionary group (project). You might want to use it as a department, a committee/task force, a project group, or any other configuration of people. It’s up to you!

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you get started! Simply submit an Inform to get the process rolling. LTDS must do the initial setup for you at this time, and then you’ll have free reign to set up your tasks (cards) within your plan (board). LTDS is also available to provide a basic overview of the Planner interface.