LTDS July 21st – July 28th 2019

All of the team was back from taking vacation!  Several team members spend time catching up on email and outstanding INFORM requests.  The team continued to work on various summer projects and start planning for fall project priorities.


  • Alma/Primo
    • Preparing for upcoming acquisitions/cataloging hack-a-thon
    • Work on Music library registration form
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Resolved several issues with systems at 21 North
    • Continued renaming project
  • Digital Collections
    • Continued to work on new ETD submission system
    • Answering questions from users concerning the current ETD system
    • Modifications to the current exhibits being displayed on the Central interactive screens
  • Web/Web applications
    • Created new WordPress site
    • Adding additional error checking for the Today’s hours script
  • Other
    • Development work for Wordcloud v.2
    • Continued professional development though web courses.
    • Documenting possible issues with the email Office 365 migration process.





2 thoughts on “LTDS July 21st – July 28th 2019

  1. Thanks for these updates Dale. How is the “Forgot you Password” project going for TV News Archive?

    • I’m probably about 75% done with it. Email me if you want more details or have questions!

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