LTDS January 5th – 11th 2020

Happy New Year!

The LTDS team were all back this week and eager to resume working on current projects as well as looking forward to new opportunities in 2020.   It was also great to have our students return from winter break!

LTDS worked on several projects and issues during the week including:

  • Alma/Primo
    • Created course reserve work order
    • Revising metadata normalization rules
    • Pulling vendor data from Alma
    • Working on enumeration cleanup project
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Ordered new equipment
    • Setup computers and videos for Fine Arts Gallery
    • Moved forward with the deepfreeze project (this will update the clients on all of the computers and provide a better management tool).
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Preparing for upgrade to VUIR
    • Added PBcore to the schema’s available for Fedora ingest
  • Web/Web applications
    • Updated VUIR footer for the new version
    • Launched new DiSC website in collaboration with ACE
    • Worked on new setup for all exhibit pages on the public web
  • Other
    • TLA conference work
    • ELUNA conference planning work
    • VR research