What’s New in the Digital Imaging Laboratory

Successful digitization results in a digital image that best depicts the physical item being digitized as accurately as possible. To ensure truthful color reproduction, color values must be matched to a known target.

Library Technology and Digital Services recently acquired X-rite’s ColorChecker, color reference targets, and camera calibration software for use in the Digital Imaging Laboratory. A digital image of the ColorChecker’s reference target is captured by each digital camera in the laboratory. These images are uploaded in ColorChecker’s software to create a DNG file. The DNG file is used to create a color profile. The color profile is then used across the lab’s image editing software to calibrate or recalibrate the color values of images created by the laboratory’s cameras.

The following samples from Le Vingtieme Siecle illustrate a digital image before color calibration and after color calibration.



It is easy to discern the difference in color values. The color values of the bottom image best match the color values of the actual page.The ability to ensure color accuracy is vital to any digitization project.

Zip File Importer for Islandora Now Available

Step by step instructions are now available for ingesting ZIP files into Vanderbilt’s Digital Collections, the central access point for the Vanderbilt Libraries’ digitized special collections.  Instructions can be found here. https://ltds.library.vanderbilt.edu/library-staff-pages/islandora-ingest/ You must be logged in to access the link.

Additional updates and changes are in store for Digital Collections in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!