Inability to Access Oracle Due to a Locked Account

We have had reports of users receiving the a popup window upon attempting to login:

authentication popup

Recommended action/workaround:

Please note that users should only enter their VUnetID and ePassword for Oracle login through the Vanderbilt Single Sign-On screen.

If you see a pop-up window or prompt for VUnetID on a screen other than the Single Sign-On page, DO NOT enter your VUnetID and password there – this can lock your account.  Please clear your browser history, close and reopen your browser, and then reattempt login from the SkyVU webpage – the link there is:

If you have already entered your VUnetID and password on this page, please email to have your account unlocked.


Zoom and LibCal Integration

LTDS  worked with VUIT who have turned on the libcal plug-in for Zoom. This plugin allows the automatic creation, update, management and deletion of Zoom meetings and webinars for libCal events and appointments. Now library staff with a libCal account can begin using Zoom within LibCal to schedule online events and appointments.

To use the Zoom plugin, libCal users will need to do the following:

  1. Log into LibCal, click on your email address in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Integrations tab of your Manage Account page.
  3. In the Zoom panel, click Authorize with Zoom account button and follow the prompts to finish the authorization.
  4. When you receive an email from with a subject line of “libCal for Zoom is approved to use”, that means your libCal account is linked to your unique institutional zoom account, and you can start scheduling zoom appointments and events within your libCal account.

Feel free to try out this new feature!  To set up virtual appointment and online events within libCal, please refer to this libguides,  and submit an Inform if you encounter any issues.

Reducing Time Spent Applying Updates

I wanted to briefly share a win we had a little while back involving the Nursing Wiki. Security and maintenance patches for the current LTS version of MediaWiki are released roughly every quarter, and these have historically been a time-consuming manual process — around 90 minutes.

For the most recent update, we scripted the majority of the required steps and reduced the time spent applying the patch down to around 30 minutes, a 66% savings!

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Tired of being tethered to your PC when scanning barcodes? Move freely and with ease using the wireless barcode scanner! And it’s simple to use!

Step 1: Connect the cradle to the computer via USB cable. Lift up antenna.
Step 2: Open notepad to use scanner with, put the cursor in the blank, and then scan a barcode to test if the barcode comes up.
If the barcode comes up, the scanner is working.

If the barcode does NOT come up, please set up the scanner using the following steps:
Step 1: UNPLUG THE CRADLE, turn page 3 in the instruction book provided, and scan the “One to One” barcode.
After scanning the “One to One” code, the scanner will beep continuously.
Step 2: Plug the cradle back into the USB port, return to page 3 in the instruction booklet, and scan the “Instantly upload mode” barcode.
Step 3: Open notepad to use scanner with, put the cursor in the blank, and then scan a barcode to test if the barcode comes up.
If the barcode comes up, the scanner is working and you are ready to scan to your heart’s content.

Please contact LTDS if you would like to utilize this resource.

New feature in the Institutional Repository

In the previous Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) system users were able to limit their search by department.  This search feature was lost when the ETD system moved to the VUIR.  LTDS has deployed a new department facet to VUIR to reenable this functionality.  Since limiting by ETD department is only relevant to ETDs,  this facet is only available in the ETD community ( .

Streaming videos

Do you have a training video that you want to make available via the web?  We can help!

LTDS has created a tool that allows you to easily link to videos you create and stream them through the campus streaming server. These links can be either limited to users with a VUNetID or open to the public.  Once your directory has been setup,  you can link additional videos when they are ready.

Contact LTDS if you would like to utilize this resource.

Firmware Update Causing Black Screen

We have been getting reports of some people having their computers log in showing only a black screen and the mouse cursor. This is due to firmware updates from Dell. The solution is just to wait a very, very long time.

After the black screen, things will slowly start coming back, first the desktop background, then icons, and windows. Even after it looks like everything is back, often it needs to run longer. This process will most likely take at least several hours, maybe much longer. Letting it run overnight is a good idea.

You will know it needs to keep going if you have apps that won’t open or that misbehave in strange ways. If you shut down the computer too soon, it will start the long process over from the beginning next time you log in.

The computer going to sleep will also stop the update. Here is how to change the sleep settings on your computer to keep it from going to sleep during the update:

1. Click on the start/windows icon at the far left of your toolbar
2. Click on the settings icon, the gear-shaped one
3. Click System, then click Power & sleep
4. Under “When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after”, change the sleep setting to Never.

  As always, feel free to submit an INFORM ticket if you still have problems.

Happy Thanksgiving

Many in LTDS took time off this week to spend with family, friends, and stand in line for Friday.

LTDS wishes everyone a very  Happy Thanksgiving Day and abundance of joy )and projects) in the coming year!


LTDS October 27th – November 2nd 2019

Several team members were out of the office during the week for meetings or PTO, but the group continued to review INFORM tickets and responded as quickly as possible.    The team also reviewed progress of projects related to systems with older operating systems and began discussing communication needs around the migrations.


  • Systems
    • Airwatch changes
    • Migrated several VMs to new cluster
    • Continued work on VUMC user issues
  • Digital Collections and Preservation
    • Worked to resolve a couple of proposed changes to OJS including setting up double blind review
    • Continued testing new version of DSpace
    • Attended final ALCTS Digital Preservation webinar
    • Prepared for World Digital Preservation day
  • Web Management
    • Added additional wordpress site
    • Setup survey box for public web
    • LAC Ballot
    • Reviewed and updated LTDS blog content
  • Other
    • 3D Brains project
    • Committee meetings
    • Training courses
    • Updated Alma related project list