Firmware Update Causing Black Screen

We have been getting reports of some people having their computers log in showing only a black screen and the mouse cursor. This is due to firmware updates from Dell. The solution is just to wait a very, very long time.

After the black screen, things will slowly start coming back, first the desktop background, then icons, and windows. Even after it looks like everything is back, often it needs to run longer. This process will most likely take at least several hours, maybe much longer. Letting it run overnight is a good idea.

You will know it needs to keep going if you have apps that won’t open or that misbehave in strange ways. If you shut down the computer too soon, it will start the long process over from the beginning next time you log in.

The computer going to sleep will also stop the update. Here is how to change the sleep settings on your computer to keep it from going to sleep during the update:

1. Click on the start/windows icon at the far left of your toolbar
2. Click on the settings icon, the gear-shaped one
3. Click System, then click Power & sleep
4. Under “When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after”, change the sleep setting to Never.

  As always, feel free to submit an INFORM ticket if you still have problems.

Happy Thanksgiving

Many in LTDS took time off this week to spend with family, friends, and stand in line for Friday.

LTDS wishes everyone a very  Happy Thanksgiving Day and abundance of joy )and projects) in the coming year!


LTDS October 27th – November 2nd 2019

Several team members were out of the office during the week for meetings or PTO, but the group continued to review INFORM tickets and responded as quickly as possible.    The team also reviewed progress of projects related to systems with older operating systems and began discussing communication needs around the migrations.


  • Systems
    • Airwatch changes
    • Migrated several VMs to new cluster
    • Continued work on VUMC user issues
  • Digital Collections and Preservation
    • Worked to resolve a couple of proposed changes to OJS including setting up double blind review
    • Continued testing new version of DSpace
    • Attended final ALCTS Digital Preservation webinar
    • Prepared for World Digital Preservation day
  • Web Management
    • Added additional wordpress site
    • Setup survey box for public web
    • LAC Ballot
    • Reviewed and updated LTDS blog content
  • Other
    • 3D Brains project
    • Committee meetings
    • Training courses
    • Updated Alma related project list

LTDS October 13th -19th 2019

VUIT migrated the majority of the library staff outlook mailboxes on Monday evening.  This generated several issues which all of LTDS work to resolve the remainder of the week.  As of Friday we believe that all email related issues were resolved.

  • Alma/Primo
    • Cleaned up MARC leader for a large group of records in Alma
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Moved ILL back to their offices, set up computers and printers, lots of troubleshooting.
    • Office 365 and various software installs, pick up old equipment at Management Library.
    • Set up new laptop at 21N and installed Office 365 for staff
  • Digital Collections/Digital Preservation
    • Updated ArchivesSpace on development
    • Setup a new exhibit web site
    • Meet with SSDA to discuss next steps for the collection
  • Web/Web applications
    • Corrected issue with EzProxy
    • ERES canonical subjects discussions/work
  • Other
    • Patched Microsoft Window servers
    • Committee work (LITA/ALA/eBUG/ELUNA)
    • Webinar:  Field Guide to Digital Preservation



LTDS September 29nd – October 5th 2019

Over the past week, your LTDS staff have been putting in a lot of time towards out-facing services. For instance, our first LTDS Office Hours was hosted on Friday, with 5 attendees with a variety of questions. Thank you for all who came and participated. This will be a weekly pilot so come and join us this Friday at 10am! Other out-facing services include website work, a lot of Informs, and committee work. Internally, we continue load user records into Alma, and support staff with various desktop issues. LTDS Staff continue to increase their skills by participating in various trainings, webinars, courses, and preparing to assist and/or teach.

Web work:
* WordPress updates
* Islandora updates
* Clickable study room map
* New titles page interface improvements
* Public web typography refresh
* TVNews forgot password project

Staff supporting:
* LTDS Office Hours
* OCLC publishing project
* Library GitHub support/documentation
* Office 365 installation

* Python
* Laravel
* Unix
* Library Juice Academy courses

* Alma Systems Committee
* Wayfinding Task Force
* eBUG
* Leganto Working Group

* Archivematica

LTDS August 18th – August 24th 2019

LTDS continued to work on various project and resolve INFORMS.


  • Alma/Primo
    • Large influx of new student works and the need to Alma accounts
    • Reviewing requests and work order priorities in Alma
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Deploying new desktops
    • Continued renaming project
  • Digital Collections
    • Posted new library maps for the Central and Divinity libraries to Fourwinds (wayfinding)
  • Web/Web applications
    • Deployed Survicate (pop-up survey tool) for the public web
    • New homepage for DiSC
  • Other
    • committee and online course work
    • Hiring/re-hiring student workers
    • Gargoyle scanning project

LTDS July 7th – July 13th 2019

Another busy week for LTDS.  A couple of team members took well deserved vacations during the week but the rest of the team continued to work through summer projects and INFORMs.  A few of the items the team worked on are listed below.

  • Alma/Primo
    • Prepared for Sandbox refreshed scheduled for August
    • Worked with OCLC to get the Alma/OCLC sync to work as needed.
    • Deployed meeScan stations in Central and Divinity
  • Desktop/Application support
    • Worked on renaming systems and confirming SCCM availability
    • Continued to test AirWatch
    • Prepared for first hardware order in FY20
    • LTDS orientation meeting with LTDS for new staff
  • Digital Collections
    • Added “Forgot Password” feature to TVNews
    • Updated missing thumbnails for several Helguerra documents
  • Web/Web applications
    • Completed wordpress migration to google tag manager
    • Continued work on the staff directory/org chart audit program
  • Other
    • Continued working to convert servers to public key authentication instead of username/password.
    • Updated ArchivesSpace
    • Listserv Lists cleanup

LTDS June 30th – July 6th 2019

The LTDS was closed Thursday and Friday of this week resulting in a short week for the team.    LTDS utilized the first of the week to continue work on summer projects and resolve various INForm requests.  We hope everyone had a great 4th of July.


“Libraries are about Freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas, freedom of communication. They are about education (which is not a process that finishes the day we leave school or university), about entertainment, about making safe spaces, and about access to information.”

― Neil Gaiman, The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction

My Account to EResources

One of the benefits of using the same authentication system for both Alma and EZProxy is that we can offer true Single-Sign-On services. This is why we strongly encourage users to log into “My Account” first (“Sign In” on

This does assume the users have accounts in Alma – accounts that are using VUNet ID as their Primary Identifier and are set as External. By doing this, when users log into “My Account”, their information will automatically pass them through to other resources that they are authorized for.