LTDS March 3 – March 9, 2019

This week was an eventful one for LTDS.  Jamen accepted the new role of Associate Director and Jodie took on the role of LTDS Web Development Lead.  Please join the team in congratulating Jamen and Jodie.  Several team members attended the Partners in Progress session on Friday as well as the Laracon conference virtually on Wednesday.    Even with these events occurring, the team was able to move forward on several projects.

  • Alma/Primo (Jamen, Tao)
    • Various support questions from Access Services
    • Reviewing NERS requests for voting
  • Desktop/Application support (Judy, Matt, Scott, Jamen)
    • deploying laptops
    • continued to work with Fine Arts Gallery to backup and migrate data.
  • Digital Collections (Nathan, Judy, Scott,Tao)
    • Processing ETDs
    • Added Owen Manager as a featured
  • Web/Web applications (Jodie, Scott, Matt)
    • Implementing Google tag manager
    • Deployed new theme for the documentation site
  • Other (all):
    • Reviewing eDocs database structure
    • LTDS Update session

LTDS February 3-9th 2019

LTDS team members continued to work on Alma and various other projects.

  • Alma/Primo (Jamen, Tao)
    • Fulfillment dashboard development
    • Work with API/Grima
    • GPO records
  • Desktop/Application support (Judy, Matt, Scott, Jamen)
    • reviewing options for Mac computers
    • MondoPad update
    • Filemaker Pro connectivity issue resolution
    • Recovered data from a bad harddrive
  • Digital Collections (Nathan, Judy, Scott)
    • Completed scanning OwenManagers
    • Continued to ingest backlogged documents into Islandora
  • Web/Web applications (Jodie, Scott, Matt)
    • Reviewed packages for streamline development
    • WordPress updates
    • Drupal updates
  • Other (all):
    • Created documentation for the airmedia systems in the library
    • VURJ revisions and OJS upgrades
    • Attended various meetings

LTDS Jan 22nd – Feb 2nd 2019

LTDS continued work on various projects both for the library as well as assisting to move some faculty projects to other locations.

  • Alma/Primo (Jamen, Tao)
    • Several discussions concerning authentication and user roles
    • Continued to revise letters
  • Desktop/Application support (Judy, Matt, Scott, Jamen)
    • EZProxy troubleshooting
    • Ordered additional staff hardware
  • Digital Collections (Nathan, Judy, Scott)
    • Completed several scanning requests
    • Worked on correcting issues with files to allow ingest
    • Resolved several DOI issues
  • Web/Web applications (Jodie, Scott, Matt)
    • Corrected issues on the Helguera site affecting public display of items
    • Test upgrade of OJS, and resolving the issues
  • Other (all):
    • Cleanup Github repositories
    • Reviewing options for provisioning MACs]
    • Participating in various searches and attending candidate presentations



LTDS Activities Jan. 20-27th 2019

A few of the projects that LTDS worked on last week are listed below.


  • Alma/Primo (Jamen, Tao)
    • YBP invoices
    • User records
    • Letter revisions
  • Desktop/Application support (Judy, Matt, Scott, Jamen,Tao)
    • Drupal updates
    • OJS DOI issues resolved
  • Digital Collections (Nathan, Judy, Scott)
    • Loaded the Photo Archive
    • Revised some of the scripts utilized for creating book batches.
    • Cross training in the DIL
  • Web/Web applications (Jodie, Scott, Matt)
    • New WordPress site for Divinity Exhibitions
    • BPA recital request form interface
    • Policy and procedures site
  • Other (all):
    • Rebuild/re-purposed libvm13
    • Four winds
    • Review new A/V installation


Communicating to groups via email.  What are the options?

Communicating to groups via email.  What are the options?


There are several ways to communicate to multiple people via email.  The simplest is to include everyone in the email TO: field but that is not always convenient. Other options include personal distribution lists, shared distribution lists, email lists, mail enable shared public folders, and shared exchange mailboxes.  A description of these options are below with a few of the pros and cons for each method.


Personal Distribution List: Created by an individual for their personal use by selecting “New Contact Group” in Outlook contacts.






  • Can be created and edited by the creator at any time
  • Allows for all members to be seen by clicking on the “+” symbol near the list name in the email






  • Only usable by the creator of the list
  • Needs to be maintained by the creator
  • Can have the same name as a shared distribution list



Shared Distribution List: Very similar to the personal distribution list but centrally maintained and is available to everyone with access to the library address book.



  • Maintained centrally so everyone has access to the list
  • Allows the email addresses of the members to be seen


  • Must be add the address book
  • Occasionally problematic from the web outlook client.



ListServ (email list) : email discussion list.  These have email addresses similar to


  • Allows users to send email to a single email address and have it send to many people
  • Provides an easy way to have discussions with a group of people without needing to remember everyone’s email address



  • Cannot easily view who is on the list
  • Managed by a few people (not just LTDS)


Shared Public folders:  folder on the exchange server that can receive email and store other outlook items (calendars)


  • Can be shared by multiple people
  • Can receive email



  • Being phased out by VUIT and Microsoft
  • Unable to reply as the user
  • Unable to set auto-replies

Share Exchange Mailboxes (SEMs): a shared email address/mailbox


  • Can be accessed by multiple people
  • Subfolders can be create maintain (same as personal mailbox)
  • Can create forwarding and auto-reply rules
  • Can be accessed directly via the web or through outlook client



  • If accessing from Outlook client, the email address must be setup as a different account to allow the send as feature.



We thought it would be fun to show you an example of something we print with our 3D printers. This is a print of a brain scan one of our patrons had made during a study they participated in. They were able to convert the scan to a file compatible with our printers.

Why not take a look at a site like Thingiverse and find something you would like to print? Then you can email the .STL file or a web link to to have it printed.

Updating Library Hours/Closed Dates in Alma

Alma allows staff in each library to update the library hours in Alma. Staff assigned to do this must have the Circulation Desk Manager role for that library. Ideally there should be more than one staff member able to update library hours in each library. However, if both of those people are out of the office, LTDS can still change the hours for any of the libraries. Just submit an INFORM in plenty of time before the hours change.
Questions? Please submit an INFORM.

Zip File Importer for Islandora Now Available

Step by step instructions are now available for ingesting ZIP files into Vanderbilt’s Digital Collections, the central access point for the Vanderbilt Libraries’ digitized special collections.  Instructions can be found here. You must be logged in to access the link.

Additional updates and changes are in store for Digital Collections in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

Make Yourself Heard! Use A Microphone

Please remember that when we are taping an event in the Community Room your voice will not be recorded if you do not speak into a microphone. We currently do not have a microphone that picks up sound for the whole room.

It is a good practice to use a microphone during an event whether or not it is being recorded to make sure that all attending can hear what is going on, making sure to hold the microphone near (but not too near) your mouth when speaking. It is also best when taking questions or comments from an audience member who does not have a microphone, to repeat what they have said before responding.