Islandora Ingest Procedures

ZIP File Importer -Islandora


Login to Vanderbilt’s Digital Collections by clicking LOG IN at the bottom of the page.

This opens the Log in page.

Log in using your VUNet ID and Password

Click Collections

Navigate to the specific folder for your collection.

Navigate to your specific sub-collection within the collection folder (if applicable)

Click the folder you wish to add items to.

Click Manage (Found in the tab above the list of collections or above the collection description in a sub-collection)

Click Collection (Found in the series of buttons in the Collections dialogue box)

Click Batch Import Objects

Under “IMPORTER” select ZIP File Importer, and then click Next

The Zip File Importer looks for .zip files that contain TIFF, PDF, or video format files with XML files of the same name in order to match the object files to their respective metadata. Each XML file should include an XML export of the respective metadata for each object. In your .zip file, please be sure to have your images, video, or PDFs and XML files labeled per the following example if uploading a TIFF “Example.tiff” and “Example.xml” Please replace “Example” with your file name and insure the file extension is correct for the file you are uploading i.e. “.MPEG4”, “.pdf”, “.tiff”

Click Chose File to select your files as you would an email attachment. Be sure to include your image files and your XML files in your .zip file.

Note: There is a 2GB limit for the Zip File Importer.

Once you have selected your files click Upload

            If for some reason you have uploaded the wrong file click Remove to remove the file.

Under CONTENT MODEL click the box that best describes what you are uploading.

  • If uploading multiple TIFFs of pages of a book, click Islandora Internet Archive Book Content Model
  • If uploading large images i.e. a gallery of photographs, click Islandora Large Content Model
  • If uploading a PDF, click Islandora PDF Content Model

Under Object Namespace leave the selection as Default namespace

Click Import

The status indicator at the top of the Import dialogue box will indicate if your import was successful.

After completion, go to the COLLECTION in Islandora and review the file.

Keep a spreadsheet, if needed, to record file names, ingest date and Islandora ID.

If you are starting a new project,  contact LTDS to discuss namespaces and where your collection is stored.