Microsoft Updates

Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed out an update for all of their products to address a security issue. This update is significant in size and will require some time to be applied. Please allow your computer to update. It may even restart a number of times and may take a couple of hours to complete. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this must be done to assure the security of your data. Thank you.

Network outages Monday January 15th

Several people reported issues when attempting to access anything online on Monday.  The problem was caused by an issue with one piece of network hardware.  The problem with the hardware was corrected in less than 2 hours.  VUIT takes network outages very seriously and were able to isolate and correct the issue quickly.

If you experience connectivity issues,  please call LTDS.  The Library is often one of the first areas to notice a network issue so quickly reporting the issue is helpful.

Tips on submitting INFORM requests

When you submit an INFORM ticket, here a few things you can do to help LTDS assign the ticket to the proper person and more quickly address your issue:

—Read the descriptions of the queues before choosing one. For instance the descriptions will let you know that anything having to do with the ILS (Integrated Library System),  currently the Library Catalog and Alma, should be submitted using the “ILS and Discovery Tools” queue.

—Make your subject line brief but explain the problem. For instance, instead of “Ebook”, use “Cannot access ebook”. This will help insure that the ticket will be taken more quickly by the staff member most able to resolve the issue.

—If you are requesting accounts for new staff, please use the queue “Accounts–new user setup” and fill in as much information as possible. Submit one ticket for each new staff member instead of including several in the same INFORM. Also, submit the INFORM as far in advance as possible, especially if there will be computers or other equipment needed. It takes time to get these things ordered/installed.

—Please also submit an INFORM when staff leave employment with the Library. We need to remove their accounts as soon as possible after their last day of work. Use the Access, Permissions, and Connectivity queue for these requests.

—Let us know where you are located. It would help us to know where your office is or where the particular problem is occurring.

—If you are reporting a problem with a particular machine, include the library tag number or barcode in your INFORM request. This helps us to track machines that are consistently having problems and may need to be replaced.

—Finally, please let us know if there is something we can do to make the INFORM request process even better!


Welcome to the LTDS website

Welcome to the LTDS website.   LTDS has created this site to share additional information about LTDS team members and some of the current projects that Library Technology and Digital Services are involved .  We will also post information about system issues and security warnings, technology tips, and other technology related items.

A few of the featured pages are:

  • System Status  :This provides current uptime status for our public facing systems
  • About :  Lists some of the key services and responsibilities of LTDS
  • About –> Team : Shows the organizational chart for LTDS and lists the team members
  • Current Projects :  Provides a list of many of the LTDS projects.

Please let us know if you have any questions or items you would like to see covered in future posts.