Completed Projects

The list below is a portion of the projects that LTDS has completed.  In may cases, once the project is complete, LTDS continues to maintain the system.


  • Alma public facing notifications (FALL 2018)
  • MFA/2FA switch for Github (Jodie Gambill) (FALL 2018)
  • Migration from shared folders to SEMs ( (FALL 2018)
    • Campus is working to eliminate the shared folders since Microsoft does not support these in the cloud. SEMs also have additional advantages
  • Public website refresh (SUMMER 2018)
  • ILLiad upgrade v 8  (SUMMER 2018)
  • ILLiad upgrade v9 (FALL 2018/19)
  • Migration to new web server (SUMMER 2018)
  • VDI migration of public and service desk computers
    • A few service desk computers (Management, Music, Special Collections) were not migrated due to special needs for the machines
  • Proxy server migration
  • Shared proxy management with e-resouces  (SPRING 2019)

Digital Preservation and Scanning

  • Eliminate scanning/ingestion back log
  • Migrate PhotoArchives to Islandora
  • Islandora restructure and expansion (FALL 2018)
    • Moving from a single server to three servers will increase the performance and capacity of Islandora and allow us to better feature our digital collections
    • This project will also enable us to migrate other current collections to a centralize repository and allow us to eliminate older, outdated system.
    • This project will also ready the system for Fedora 4 with the additional capacity and the addition of Blazegraph for searching
    • UPDATE:  The new servers have been configured and the software is currently being installed.  Once complete and we have performed testing we will need to stop updates until the indexing has completed

Web Management

  • Updated/rebranded Dspace to IR
  • Implemented Adopt-a-Book website
  • Public website refresh (2017-2018)
  • Internal/Staff calendar implementation (Spring 2019)
  • Dynamic organizational chart
  • First phase of Documentation site theme/functionality
  • Digital Collections site theme

Selected list of current projects

Selected list of planned projects