How to keep up with the LTDS blog

We hope you’ve found our blog to be helpful since we launched it last month! Here are some ways to keep up with new posts:

Heard Alert
LTDS Blog on Heard Alert
LTDS Blog on Heard Alert

There is a box in the right sidebar of Heard Alert titled “Latest News from LTDS” (see attached screenshot). It contains the latest 3 posts from the blog with the newest post at the top of the list.

RSS Feed

The main RSS feed URL is: You can put this into your favorite RSS reader and be notified of new posts almost instantly.

Interested in a particular category, tag, or author? The blog has an RSS feed for each of those, too! See this article for details. If the article looks like Greek to you, submit an Inform ticket and we can help you get the right feed URL for the content you want.


You can use the RSS feed to set up an email alert. Free third-party services such as Blogtrottr and IFTTT provide RSS-to-email functionality.

Interested in receiving an email straight from the blog for every new post? Let us know! If there is enough interest, we will add this feature to the blog, eliminating the need to use a third-party service.


Email Jodie or submit an Inform ticket!