Project Update: Web Refresh, with Staff Directory Bonus

The library website is getting a new look! The Web Refresh Team, including Jodie and Matt from LTDS, is working with Vanderbilt’s Digital Strategy and Development (formerly Web Communications) to integrate the current standard Vanderbilt web templates into the library website. To get a taste of what those templates look like, check out the HR, Registrar, or Police Department sites. The refresh will roll out in conjunction with the new ILS this summer.

a sketch of a library website

The Web Refresh Team has been hard at work since November. We have viewed and analyzed many peer library websites, analyzed past feedback on our website, and even had some fun sketching out our own visions of a library website! We are currently gathering more feedback via an online survey and focus groups. We are also preparing to make a copy the current website so we can start working on the new site without interrupting service to the current site.

Bonus: The Staff Directory is also getting some TLC! Some of the improvements will be implemented ahead of the refresh, such as improving parts of the search and browse. Others will roll out with the refreshed website, such as more useful lists of branches/departments with improved layouts, and enhanced pages for individual staff members. Stay tuned for more information on this sub-project.

If you have any questions about these projects, please comment below or talk to any member of the Web Refresh Team.